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College on the

Autism Spectrum


“Dr Leventhal-Belfer writes an indispensable guide for preparing children with autistic spectrum disorder going to college."


—Dr Michael F. Haberecht, staff psychiatrist, 

Vaden Health Center, Stanford University

The transition to college is difficult for all kids, but especially for those on the Spectrum. Coupled with the uncertainly brought on by a global pandemic, this is a more challenging time for differently wired kids and their parents to navigate school. For those who are college-bound, finding the right fit, and setting up a support system is critical for success. 
Parents’ questions — from how to prepare their ASD child for college to managing ASD with secondary mental health issues — are all subjects that Dr. Laurie addresses, along with real-life stories from ASD college students and their families. 
“College on the Autism Spectrum” is Dr. Laurie’s fourth book on helping children with ASD, and the first one that addresses the challenges of going to college. 

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